The Bookman's Tale

The Bookman's Tale - Charlie Lovett Bibliophiles will likely enjoy this tale because it has to do with: (1) books, (2) working in a library, (3) finding, collecting and restoring old books, (4) searching for the 'holy grail' of a previously undiscovered work by a famous author -- all wrapped up in a mystery and a love story. There are two main threads in this book -- the modern, present-day story, and the historical dissection of antiquarian works and how to trace and determine authenticity. The latter part, I found to be somewhat draggy (although some parts were interesting) -- but to be fair, the subject matter and person of interest was Shakespeare and his works, which are not my favorites to begin with. That said, the rest of the book and plot development balanced it out. It didn't end with a bang, neither with a fizz -- so I'd only give it 3 stars.