Ignorance - Milan Kundera, Linda Asher This tells the story of the fluidity of identity -- lost and gained, especially that of migrants (or refugees). I have heard accounts of people who have moved to a different country, who say, that after a passage of time, they can no longer identify completely with their homeland, or do they feel truly transplanted. Yet others assimilate and meld into the new environment as fish take to water, and thrive in the novelty of it all. It all depends on what one remembers and what one forgets, how much of each one does, and how well one reconciles what was, what is and what will be. *And* whether one carves out that identity on their own or have other people define who they are and what they will become. The states of 'ignorance' (diffusion of identity) as portrayed by the characters in this book are sometimes willful, circumstantial and/or (ignorantly) blissful.