The Book of Love

The Book of Love - Kathleen McGowan This second book in the 'Magdalene Line' trilogy is as gripping as the one before it, 'The Expected One'. In this, the central protagonist, Maureen Paschal (herself, an expected one) searches through history to understand and uncover the mystery and the location of the Book of Love, a testament written in the messiah's own hand, which has been preserved through the Magdalene line. There are references to apocryphal works and other esoteric beliefs. The story is labyrinthine, traversing the geographical and political landscapes of 11th century Europe, but the author does an exemplary job of not losing the reader at any turn. If you enjoyed Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code', you would likely savor this trilogy as well. Now, onward to Book 3: 'The Poet Prince'.