A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay A monster comes a-calling upon a young boy, whose mother is dying from cancer. At first, the story might seem metaphorically clich├ęd, but the outstanding deliverance of it deserves an award. I found this in the teen/young-adult section of the library, but I feel that it's a book that every child who has a terminally ill loved one, should read, or have it read to them. It is also a book that every parent / guardian of such a child should read.

Any family who has been ever been in this unenviable situation wonders (or worries) about how a child -- regardless of age -- deals with this kind of news, how much to disclose (or not), do you bring it up (or not), etc. Told in a projective sense, I believe that this book is helpful as a means of understanding and coping, and for opening up.