Dream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After Loss

Dream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After Loss - Jai Pausch This book is authored by the widow of Randy Paush ('The Last Lecture'). I had expected this book to be about her new life after Randy's passing because I knew that she had remarried. Instead, there was only a short mention of that. Rather, the book is about how she coped with Randy's cancer diagnosis, which affected them as a couple, and as a family. Most importantly, it addressed the aftermath of a loved one's passing. It is a candid account of what caregivers of terminally ill patients go through, and about dreaming new dreams afterwards.

If you are such a caregiver (as I was), I encourage you to read this book. There are many events in here to which one can relate. It isn't so much about commiserating, as with knowing that there are other people like you out there -- facing the same challenges, shouldering the same burden, valiantly putting one foot in front of the other -- and with such, gather some strength and perhaps, solace, that you are not alone, and that there is a new light at the end of that dark tunnel. As per the author's admission, this was the main reason that this book was written. However, depending on where you are on your healing journey, this book is, in places, not a easy read.

If you have people in your life, who is either a terminally-ill patient, or a caregiver, I also exhort you to read this book. It gives you a window -- a mental and emotional microscopic view -- into what is not always evidentially clear from the outside. It helps (us) when you understand, because most times, it's just too much to try to break everything down and voice things to others who care.