The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North If you've ever read Kate Atkinson's 'Life After Life', this is a little bit like it. It's not so much a story of reincarnation over different lifetimes, but rebirth at the same time and point in history, and reliving it all over again (not dissimilar to the movie 'Groundhog Day). Such incarnates are called "ouroborons" (named after the snake which swallows its own tail), and they retain the memories of the historical lives they'd lived before. In each one, they are free to make changes and adjustments, resulting in different personal outcomes, but without upsetting the grand scheme of history or changing the future. But what if one of them tries to?

For me, this was an OK read. For the nature of the story, I expected much more to happen -- more suspense, more intrigue -- otherwise, after X-th life, the telling gets a little long and drawn out.