A Reunion Of Ghosts

A Reunion Of Ghosts - Judith Claire Mitchell Do not judge a book on moral or ideological grounds; the theme of this one -- suicide.

I was intrigued to read about how a perceived generational curse, "the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations," was seen to strike this family (tree). Three sisters, whose great-grandfather invented mustard gas which was used against foreign troops during the war, believed that each generation since, has been beset by bad luck which eventually led to the persons involved to take their own lives. They, being of the last (4th) generation, believe that the curse will end with them. And while they each have had unfortunate events happen in their lives, they make a pact that they will leave this life on their own terms, and out of profound love for each other, to do it together.

It is a not a macabre tale, but perhaps one which is the result of misguided perception. It reminds me of a Chinese fable in which a man, who was the guest of another, in lifting his wine glass to drink, saw a snake in it. Not wanting to offend his host, he drank, and subsequently fell deathly ill. His friend came to visit him, and was perplexed as to his condition, which came about suddenly after the visit. The sick man confessed that the wine he drank at his friend's house was poisoned, and proceeded to describe the snake in the glass. His friend laughed heartily, saying that the snake was one which was mounted on the wall, and was only seen through the liquid when the glass was lifted. The moral here being that (wrong) perceptions can, in fact, end up with very grave consequences (pun intended).