The Light of the World: A Memoir

The Light of the World: A Memoir - Elizabeth Alexander I read this book in a very strange and unprecedented manner -- in reverse order, from the end forwards. This is a memoir, in which the author writes about her husband's sudden passing, and the journey through that loss.

I started conventionally enough, and had only gotten a short way in, before I realized that I had forgotten to check the end of the book for acknowledgements, or questions for book clubs, or an author interview. I always do this, so I know when I near the end of the book, how much of the story is *really* left, and not be misled by the thickness of pages accruing.

Anyhow, I found the last chapter, and started reading that... and then the chapter before that..... and found that it actually worked this way -- sort of like an eulogy or a celebration of life, backtracking all the way to when the couple first met. It's written in short, almost episodic, chapters, so it made sense: back to front.