Shadow of the Minotaur (Legendeer Trilogy)

Shadow of the Minotaur (Legendeer Trilogy) - Alan Gibbons Myths are often used to tell the story of a rite of passage. Using the Greek lore of the Minotaur, this story recounts a present-day hero's journey as he transcends the veil between worlds. Using the instrument that most young adults (for whom the book is targeted) are well-familiar with, the tool to breech the barrier into the world of legend is via a more-real-than-virtual-reality computer game -- in which the gamer will find himself physically in a world that is no longer made up of bits and bytes, but is very real indeed. Not much different from the, more often than not, make-believe reality, that we sometimes conjure up in our labyrinthian minds, in which the very real beasts of worry, anger, jealousy, greed, etc. roam free.