When Crickets Cry - Charles Martin

I highly recommend this 5-star read of a book. It's a love story. No, I don't mean of the romance genre, though there's romance in it. It's a LOVE story -- with a lot of heart, literally, and on many other subtler but profound levels. It's a book, that in one story, paints a picture using the palette of the human condition -- of our ability to love, to alienate, to forgive, to punish (ourselves or others), to hope, to be frustrated, to have closure, and to begin anew. It's a story that will move you to tears or make you choke up, because something in you *will* resonate with the story, associating with one or more characters in the book. If you feel nothing (and I don't mean sharing the same sentiment as I do for the story), if this story does not touch you in some way -- read it again -- for you need a change of heart.