Code to Zero - Ken Follett

What if you knew too much and were deemed dangerous to a cause, as in this novel set in the time of the space race between the United States of America and Russia? What if to eliminate this threat, your memory was chemically scrubbed? From start to finish, the story unfolds over three intensity-filled days of sabotage, double-crosses and treason. 

Instead of chapters, the story is told in time blocks (a little bit like the television series, '24') and interspersed with flashbacks to provide background. Sometimes, in my eagerness to find out what happens next, I find these 'interruptions' a little distracting -- but they do
serve the purpose of building up more tension and suspense, as I couldn't wait to get to the end of the section and resume the 'present day' story. Also, at the beginning of every 'chapter', there is a little snippet about rocket technology, which is informative without being
technically bogging.