The Christmas Quilt

The Christmas Quilt - Jennifer Chiaverini This tale is dear to me -- because my dad used to make patchwork blankets and the like for us. Like that of the quilts in this story, each piece of fabric has a story to tell. Sometimes, it does not look as if the patterns will go together, or there is a light/darkness imbalance, or it's too subtle and overpowered by something too loud -- and so, you try to make them fit as best as possible: some you put away for a later time, or try to incorporate it in a totally novel way. That is the essence of this Christmas story -- of family -- of how in all our different ways, we really do fit together, even if sometimes it seems like the pattern will never work. In the end, if you step back far enough -- the hodgepodge of seemingly mismatched patterns do indeed make a grand design.