Hard Rain

Hard Rain - David Rollins Now THIS is a thriller. Over the years, viewing thrillers have become too intense for me and so I don't watch them any more, yet, I could not turn the pages fast enough in this book. There was suspense (red herrings and curve balls) and chemistry (enough to show the human aspect of things without getting overly mushy). I didn't know that this was the third book in the Vin Cooper series, so there was some back story (character expansion) that I didn't know about. Nonetheless, the way the story began and developed, I admired the way (I imagined) the author to have thought about and laid out the draft for this book in the writing of its predecessor, and the way the story ends (like a season-ender cliffhanger), how the elements have already been laid out for the succeeding book, which I look forward to reading -- after I've familiarized myself with Books 1 and 2.