The Wedding

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks Knock me over with a feather!! -- I didn't anticipate the way the story would turn out. Chalk it up to great storytelling and/or a wonderful imagination, or perhaps that I was reading this right on the tails of having read Spark's very first novel, 'The Notebook', which was the 'prelude' to this, but I was totally emotionally drawn into this book. I won't begin to dissect my feelings and sentiments here, which perhaps were still raw from the previous book, other than to say, like its predecessor, (many) tissues were needed.

Note: 'The Notebook' and 'The Wedding' can be read independently, but reading in sequence, you'd be better able to follow the progression of, Noah Calhoun, the central character who spans both novels -- which adds a generational richness to the 'series', and understandably the need for all said tissue papers.

This reader believes in "happy ever after" and hence, this novel, very much like its predecessor, is a MUST READ!