The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats - Jan-Philipp Sendker A love story: the likes of which make the blind see and the lame walk -- read this book and you'll see how almost literal this is. Set in Burma, the plot is complicated but at the same time, simple. Complicated because human relationships often are, but simple because that's what love, unsullied by ego, is. If I were to accord a musical tempo to this tale, it would be 'moderato', tempered by crescendos of emotions, brilliantly crafted to take the reader to ever higher levels of heart-swell. Perhaps it drew me in so completely, perhaps I was so involved that I didn't 'see it (the ending) coming', that I was caught off-guard by the the 'revelation' which left me breathless and teary-eyed. A highly-recommended 5-star read from me.