Oh Myyy!

Oh Myyy! - George Takei Written in George's witty and biting style, this is a fun(ny) and interesting read about social media (namely Facebook and Twitter), and for better or worse, how we are synergistically connected via and to this web. As a communications major, I really wanted to know what a septuagenarian, who is more like the common variety social media user like the rest of us (rather than a techie) had to say about the matter.

As a screen icon, he relates how his posts reach and affect millions worldwide. In reading, I thought and agreed that as social media authors (yes, us regular folk and mere mortals), we bear the same standard of responsibility and accountability as is related in this book. Of course, we would never hope to reach such a vast audience. Nonetheless, I've seen carelessly tossed out comments, scathing remarks, and unvalidated shares of others' negative posts, as though the person posting held some misguided belief that social media granted some form of invincibility.

Social media = Social responsibility