The Lost Choice

The Lost Choice - Andy Andrews This is a work of fiction, which involves fragments of an ancient relic and how in the hands of certain real-life historical figures (George Washington Carver, Oskar Schindler, John Adams, Alfred Vanderbilt, etc.) who while in possession of this artifact, achieved monumental gains for humankind in their choice to do what is good and right. You probably know of about the butterfly effect, or that a tiny ripple can have far-reaching effects and consequences. It really makes you think -- how history, and by extension, the present day, would be different if some people didn't do what they did.

Quote: "Everybody -- every single body -- makes a difference! But there's a *choice* that determines what kinda difference you will make. Most folks don't see how important they are... how much they matter to all of us. So they never choose to do something special with their lives. And not making a choice? That *IS* a choice... a lost one." Think on this.... really think on this!