The Dreamseller: The Calling

The Dreamseller: The Calling - Augusto Cury This book is likened to Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' and James Redfield's 'The Celestine Prophecy'. This is what drew my attention in the first place, but after having read it, it doesn't even compare; the aforementioned two are more about the workings of an inner transformation. This book seems to have more of a 'messianic' theme, with the dreamseller approaching each underdog and downtrodden character and reawakens them to their worth and purpose -- stirring in them the remembrance of the dreams and ideals of their youth, or before they became jaded in life.

And then these 'disciples' follow the dreamseller and go about reinvigorating (proselytizing) others who have abandoned their hopes and dreams. The inner struggles of the followers are never really addressed. Conveniently, the dreamseller's cryptic messages allow them to figure things out by themselves, or sometimes not. Being that this novel is written by a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, I cannot help but think that the 'cure' is in vagaries, and that the character ('patient') has to awaken himself. To me that's what makes the story seem lacking in flow and connectivity.

There is a sequel to this, so being that I have written a rather unflattering review -- perhaps, the fullness of the ENTIRE story unfolds in the subsequent work, so I will read it too.