The Butterfly's Daughter

The Butterfly's Daughter - Mary Alice Monroe This story unfolds alongside the transformative and metamorphic journey of a monarch butterfly. There are factoids at the beginning of each chapter, and I'll share one here. Each winter, the monarchs in North America fly south to overwinter in Mexico (or Southern California, as one of the book club members recounted). In the spring, the butterflies that head north are the 4th generation of those that made it to the south. How do they know to make that journey, and the flight path to take?

In the same way, this story is about 3 generations of women: of one who had lost her way, one who is looking for her way, and the one who knew the way. The inclusion of sub-stories is also of note, because they allude to the little stopovers that the monarchs take to rest and recharge along the way.