The Death of Bees

The Death of Bees - Lisa O'Donnell The synopsis was interesting -- promising, even. However, I had the hardest time reading it. I wanted to stop not 20 pages in, and actually called it quits about halfway through. There was a lot of cussing from a disillusioned and streetwise-beyond-her-years 15-year-old. There was also drug abuse and sex. I suppose it was 'necessary' for the unfolding of the story, but to me, there was an overabundance of it, and that soured the story for me.

I did end up finishing the book, and it turned out OK. Cleaned up a bit in the end. But I liken it to approaching a beehive: there is a lot of buzz (pun intended) that you have to get through first, before you can even get anywhere near the honey.