The Hours

The Hours - Michael Cunningham I was to read a Pulitzer-winning work for a book-reading challenge, and came across this: with three different story threads from different times and places. The author, Virginia Woolf, who is writing 'Mrs Dalloway' in a 1923 London suburb features in one of them, a reader who is reading the aforetitled book in a 1949 Los Angeles suburb appears in the next thread, and a present-day character nicknamed Mrs Dalloway appears in the third storyline set in New York. The tri-plots unfold over the course of one single day in each character's life -- the book revealing the activities of each hour.

This is exquisitely written (though there is some profanity in the dialogue), and while I have never, up till this point, read a Pulitzer-winning book to know what quality of storytelling that entails, this one definitely deserved to win.