Language Arts

Language Arts - Stephanie Kallos Language isn't all verbal or written, or even linguistic, for that matter. Its expression can take many forms: art and body language, for example. This story in this book reminds me of Gary Chapman's 'The Five Languages of Love'. Just as there are different methods of learning, there are at least that many, if not more, forms of 'language' expression -- many of which lean towards the creative and non-verbal.

In this story, the presence of an autistic boy reminds us also that many times the communication which (even) we (who are 'normal') want to convey cannot be uttered or properly elucidated. More complex is when different people with different communication styles attempt to bridge the divide.

In this story, the weight of understanding lies on a parent / caregiver, but it does make one take pause to (re)consider that friend, relative, co-worker, etc. that you might deem difficult to get along with, or maybe that person is yourself. Might it be that we are all just 'speaking' different languages, without any attempt of understanding -- or even seeing that we are different that way?