The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells - Andrew Sean Greer One woman, Greta, deeply grieved by the passing of her beloved twin brother and jilted by a long-time lover, undergoes electroshock therapy to help her get over it. A 'side effect' of the treatment is that she is transported to a different time in history each time she gets shocked. In those other two lifetimes, all the central players in her current life are there, also in prominent roles. And she, as a character of those times is also prescribed the same therapy for psychological health.

As each of her three 'selves' receive the shock, they move round robin to the other times and other lives of Greta. The Greta from each time wants a slightly different outcome, a resolution to their own current situation. What or how will each Greta affect the lives of the alter egos who actually belong to that era, while they try to affect their own desired outcome?

Despite the three Gretas, the story's telling focuses mainly on one, and even in so doing, manages to tell the triune story. Well-written, fascinatingly interwoven and engaging.