The Book of Heaven: A Novel

The Book of Heaven: A Novel - Patricia Storace This work could be likened to poetry elaborated in prose. This book is divided into four parts, one of which, is 'Savour'. It is my favorite section of the book in that it deals with the matter of culinary arts and of the discerning palate, not only of taste, but also of intuiting human proclivities. The entire book is to be savored, but none more so that this section, in which I could 'taste' the texture of the words.

This book alludes to certain Biblical Old Testament stories, but written from the feminine perspective. It is because of this gentler hand, that the good, bad and ugly of the human psyche is delicately and sensually excavated and ornately worded. These jewels are not spread out indiscriminately , but sprinkled judiciously, making them all the more valuable and cherished. In this work, the author has the remarkable ability to painstakingly and exquisitely word the height and depth of joy and suffering alike.