Vampyr Legion (Legendeer Trilogy)

Vampyr Legion (Legendeer Trilogy) - Alan Gibbons In this story, the second book in the 'Legendeer Trilogy' (Book 1: 'The Shadow Of The Minotaur), sees the protagonist of the story teaming up with Van Helsing's descendants and battling the undead in the myth world of Transylvania. But is it just a myth, or is it a gateway for the (yet, disembodied) Gamesmaster to gain access to the real world when masses of unsuspecting teens begin playing a new computer game that is more real than virtual. One boy against the hordes of hell, who will prevail? This book does not do much more than be the bridge between Book 1 and Book 3, not much flesh here (pun intended) -- but to be fair, I am not all that fond of reading about werewolves, vampires, zombies or other 'creatures' of the night.