Warriors of the Raven (Legendeer Trilogy)

Warriors of the Raven - Alan Gibbons The final book in the 'Legendeer Trilogy (Book 1: 'The Shadow Of The Minotaur'; Book 2: 'Vampyr Legion'). As with the previous books, this story is also set in the myth world -- of the Norse, in this case -- where men and gods are equally mortal. This is where the Gamesmaster (insert your own personification of evil) plans to make his final stand, by the use of more-than-real computer games, and defeat mankind once and for all, cross over into the real world and rule with a fist of darkness. In true fashion for such a tale, there are sacrifices to be made. Can the Legendeer continue to stand in the breach between worlds (a savior of humankind, if you will), and defeat the Gamesmaster, once and for all?