When Joy Came to Stay

When Joy Came to Stay - Karen Kingsbury The story centers around the theme of depression. The book opens with the central character wrestling with the misconception that Christians (which is what she is) are not supposed to get depressed, for it draws the extension that one's faith is weak, or that one is not a good enough believer, or that one is a 'bad person'.Being trapped in the darkness of one's mind is still predominantly perceived as a taboo subject and a shameful admission. So the victims suffer quietly behind masks, some really struggling to get through day-to-day living, trying their best to hold onto the vestiges of normalcy, so as not to be judged by others.Bottom line: Extend compassion to everyone you meet, for you do not know what they are battling with -- it might either be an ailment of the body or mind, but a listening ear and a caring heart, goes a long way in working wonders. And if you, or anyone you know, is battling an unseen phantom of the mind -- do reach out and seek help.