Manual Of Detection

The Manual of Detection - Jedediah Berry This is a very bizarre book -- a cocktail of 'The Twilight Zone', Ray Bradbury and 'Alice in Wonderland' weirdness. It messes with your head, literally, as it is about attempting to solve a crime perpetuated in a dream state and with all the somnambulism that's afoot, it's all you can do to try to keep track of who's awake and who's asleep, or who's awake in a dream. I can't really say if I enjoyed the book or not (so I shall refrain from rating it)... perhaps because I was more caught up in trying to understand the tale in a metaphysical way. I did, however, have some pieces click for me, that would probably lead to a better understanding of Carlos Castaneda's 'The Art Of Dreaming' (which goes to say, I need to read the book, again).