Chasing Vermeer

Chasing Vermeer - Blue Balliett The synopsis looked promising, with phrases like: "unexplained occurrences" and "seemingly unrelated events connect." The author did a reasonable job in linking together coincidences, synchronistic events, made several allusions to tapping into the collective consciousness (via dreams and other cognitive means).However, in my opinion, the plot could have been more engaging -- I kept waiting for the story to pick up. If the author is planning on a followup book, she should make a bolder foray into exploring quantum and metaphysics, and to make firm(er) assertions in the story itself. Still, I am grateful for having read this book, as it providentially led me to: "On The Plurality Of Worlds' (David Lewis) and 'The Roots Of Coincidence' (Arthur Koestler) -- which I will get around to reading at a later time.